Automated Trading Software


All-in-one strategy development platform

Automatic Strategy Generation

Leverage StrategyQuant’s genetic algorithm to automatically generate profitable strategies. 

Simply specify your strategy’s building blocks and constraints, and let StrategyQuant iterate through millions of indicator combinations.

Check out my detailed guide to learn more about genetic evolution in trading.

Visual Strategy Creator

Use AlgoWizard to transform your trading idea into an algorithm.

No coding required!

Export your strategies to Metatrader, TradeStation, MultiCharts and JForex.

Step-by-step AlgoWizard guide to program a EMA + RSI strategy.

Fast Backtest Engine

Breeze through out-of-sample testing over multiple markets, timeframes and historical periods.

Realistically simulate transaction costs — spread, slippage, commissions and swap.

Walk-forward Optimizer

Often considered the gold standard in backtesting, walk-forward optimization provides a strict out-of-sample robustness test and helps your strategy adapt to prevailing conditions through periodic reoptimizations.

Check out my video on WFO concepts, settings and performance metrics.

Monte Carlo Simulator

Another popular robustness test, Monte Carlo simulations estimate worst-case drawdowns through repeated random sampling.

Alternatively, randomize your strategy parameters and historical data to detect curve fitting.

Optimization Profile

Having a hard time optimizing your parameters?

Improve parameter stability by searching for high plateaus in your strategy’s 3-D optimization profile.

Detailed Trade Analysis

Continual improvement is the name of the game.

Identify weaknesses in your strategy using in-depth trade analysis.

Portfolio Composition

There’s no holy grail in trading, but a diversified portfolio of automated strategies comes pretty close. It’s the easiest way to improve your consistency and risk-adjusted returns.

With StrategyQuant, you can easily combine multiple backtests and evaluate your overall portfolio performance.

Correlation Studies

Selecting uncorrelated strategies is a crucial step in diversifying your portfolio.

With StrategyQuant, you can construct a correlation matrix of your individual strategies’ equity curves.

Data Management

Fast downloads of tick and 1-minute historical data for the forex, futures and equity markets.

Also want lifetime access to equities and futures data?

Also want to sell your strategies on the MQL5 marketplace?


In-depth strategy analysis tool

Automatic Portfolio Creation

Harness Portfolio Master’s genetic algorithm to discover the optimal combination of strategies, maximizing your risk-adjusted returns while keeping correlations low.

Equity Control

What if your strategy starts underperforming in real-time? Should you pause it, trade a smaller size, or a larger one?

Experiment with various equity curve trading techniques to find out!

Money Management

Money management can’t save a losing strategy, but it can sure destroy a winning one.

Experiment with different money mangement methods without additional programming/backtesting, so you never trade beyond your risk tolerance.

What-if Analysis

Simulate different backtest scenarios by changing time filters, date ranges, trading limits and more.

Trade Analysis

Unsatisfied with your trading platform’s backtest report? Import your report into QuantAnalyzer to access more performance metrics!

Supported platforms include Metatrader, TradeStation, MultiCharts, JForex, NinjaTrader, Dukascopy, Myfxbook and FX Blue.

Monte Carlo Simulations

Are you getting fooled by a lucky sequence of trades? With Monte Carlo simulations, you can estimate your worst-case drawdowns when trade sequences are altered.

Use the prediction tool to get a conservative estimate of future performance.

Correlation Studies

Diversify your portfolio by analyzing strategy correlations and overlapping trades.

Or try the FREE version with limitations


Quality Data for Multiple Asset Classes

✔ Superfast downloads of 1-minute and tick data for the forex, equity, crypto, CFDs and futures markets

✔ Clone your data to different timezones to match your broker settings

✔ Analyze your data on candlestick charts and detect possible spikes/gaps

✔ Export tick data to MT4/5 and run 99% modelling quality backtests


Can StrategyQuant really make me profitable?

If you put in the hard work and possess sound trading knowledge, StrategyQuant’s tremendous productivity boost will put the odds in your favour. I personally have found success with it, and that’s why I recommend it.

There’s also an active StrategyQuant discord group where members discuss trading-related issues, and many of them have impressive track records to show for.

Looks complicated. Do you have any tutorials?

Yes, check out the tutorial section of this website. My Youtube channel also contains plenty of trading-related content.

Why can’t you just provide signals?

Inconvenient truth: The only way to enjoy long-term trading success is to depend 100% on yourself. That means full accountability for the entire strategy development and trading process.

I’m unsure if StrategyQuant works for me. Is there a trial?

Yes, StrategyQuant has a 14-day free trial. QuantAnalyzer, AlgoWizard and QuantDataManager also have free versions, albeit with some limitations.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the software and decide whether it meets your unique requirements.

Will there be future upgrades?

Yes, the StrategyQuant Pro version includes upgrades for one year, while the Ultimate version includes lifetime upgrades.

The program is also fully extendable, so you can add your own metrics and functionality by inserting a Java snippet.

What are the benefits of automated trading?

✔ Simultaneously trade multiple strategies, markets and timeframes, 24 hours a day

✔ Quickly backtest your strategy to determine its long-term profitability and risk profile

✔ Keep emotions at bay with automatic execution of your trading rules

If your strategy is already fully mechanical, you should consider automating it. Remember automated trading does not mean unattended trading; you still monitor your strategies periodically.

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