Forex VPS

Why Get a Forex VPS?

Platform Uptime

Never worry about power failures and internet disconnections again

Low Latency

Enjoy latencies as low as 1ms, with datacenters located in New York, London and Tokyo


Easily access via desktop, laptop and phones, across multiple users, regardless of location


Best Value VPS: Dipgate

Only $18.90/mth for a 2 core CPU + 2 GB RAM

Fully customizable configurations, optimized for trading

Minimal latency with servers in London, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Frankfurt

Award-winning support assists with trading platform installation

Deciated IP for enhanced performance and security — perfect for scalpers and HFTs!

Automatic startup of trading platforms, unlimited bandwidth, no unexpected reboots

15-day money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction!

30% discount off 1st payment with code TACT30

10% recurring monthly discount with code TACT10


✔ Fully customizable CPU & RAM options to suit your trading needs

✔ Minimize latency with colocated servers in New York, London, Tokyo

✔ MT4/MT5 automatic startup on every Windows boot

✔ 24/7 live chat support

✔ Easy accessibility via desktop, laptops and phones

✔ Secure login with two-factor authentication capability


VPS Guides

Should You Get a VPS?

Will you benefit from a virtual private server (VPS)? And how do you select the best VPS?

This video has you covered!

Optimize Your MT4

“My computer is too fast”, said nobody ever.

Reduce your MT4’s CPU and RAM usage with this simple guide!

Portable MT4

With portable mode, you easily backup your MT4/5 or transfer it between computers, saving you time when travelling or setting up a new VPS.

Here’s how to do it!

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