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In today’s demanding markets, software functionality and efficiency could mean the difference between success and failure. I personally use and recommend the software mentioned below.

This page contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product through these links, I may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you. You can read my full disclaimer here.

Software Summary

  1. Strategy Development/Analysis:
  2. Strategy Programming
  3. Historical Data

1. StrategyQuant

StrategyQuant is my primary strategy development platform. I discuss many of its features in detail in the Development Process section.

A StrategyQuant license also gives you full access to QuantAnalyzer and AlgoWizard!

StrategyQuant Ultimate also includes a Business module to help you publish your strategies on the MQL5 Marketplace, giving you yet another source of income.

Don’t forget to take advantage of StrategyQuant’s 14-DAY FREE TRIAL!
Use coupon TACT to get USD 200 off StrategyQuant Pro!
Use coupon TACT-ULTIMATE to get USD 300 off StrategyQuant Ultimate!

Some of my favourite StrategyQuant features are highlighted below:

Automatic Strategy Generation

Leverage StrategyQuant’s genetic algorithm to generate profitable strategies. Simply specify your strategy components and performance filters. 

Visual Strategy Creator

Use the AlgoWizard module to quickly transform your trading idea into an algorithm. No programming knowledge needed! Export your strategies to Metatrader, Tradestation or MultiCharts for live trading. 

Efficient Backtest Engine

Quickly test your strategy over multiple markets, timeframes and historical periods.

Walk-Forward Optimizer

Simulate live trading through periodic reoptimizations and out-of-sample tests. 

Monte Carlo Simulator

Minimize risk by estimating worst-case drawdowns. Verify robustness by randomizing historical prices and strategy parameters.

Optimization Profile

Create robust strategies by selecting stable parameter values.

Trade Analysis

Identify weaknesses in your strategy using in-depth trade analysis.

Portfolio Composition

Improve risk-adjusted returns by trading a portfolio of automated strategies.

Correlation Studies

Diversify your portfolio by analyzing strategy correlations and overlapping trades.

Data Management

Conveniently download tick and 1-minute historical data for the forex, futures and equity markets, using the inbuilt QuantDataManager.

2. QuantAnalyzer

Boost your strategy and portfolio performance with QuantAnalyzer’s powerful analysis tools. QuantAnalyzer was a valuable tool during the strategy development process, for example during incubation and portfolio composition.

Try the FREE version without any obligations!
Use coupon TACT-QA to get 20% off QuantAnalyzer Pro!

In addition to the trade analysis, correlation studies and Monte Carlo simulations mentioned above, QuantAnalyzer comes packed with the following features:

Equity Control

Improve live performance by deactivating underperforming strategies.

Automatic Portfolio Computer

Maximize portfolio performance by optimizing your strategy selection.

Money Management

Experiment with different money management methods without additional programming/backtesting.

Results Comparison

Refine your strategy development by comparing backtest and live trading results.

What-If Analysis

Simulate different backtest scenarios by changing time filters, date ranges, trading limits and more.

3. AlgoWizard

AlgoWizard is a visual creator that lets you create trading strategies without any programming knowledge. It is included in the StrategyQuant Professional & Ultimate versions, but also available for purchase separately.

Apart from intuitive strategy creation, AlgoWizard boasts automatic backtests that let you evaluate strategy changes on the fly.

Sign up for AlgoWizard’s FREE plan here that gives you full software functionality.
Use coupon TACT-AW to get 20% off AlgoWizard Pro!

4. QuantDataManager

QuantDataManager is included in all StrategyQuant versions, but also available for purchase separately.

QuantDataManager is available FREE, but the Pro version offers faster download speeds.
Use coupon TACT-QDM to get 20% off QuantDataManager Pro!

Enjoy the following features with QuantDataManager Pro:

Superfast Downloads

Download tick and 1-minute data for the forex, equity, crypto, CFDs and futures markets.

Export To Metatrader 4/5

Export tick data to Metatrader and run 99% modelling quality backtests.

Custom Timezones

Clone your data to different timezones to match your broker settings.

Verify Data Quality

Analyze your data on candlestick charts and detect possible spikes/gaps.

Want to develop a portfolio of automated trading strategies?

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Hey there, Wayne here! I’m on a mission to develop robust algorithmic trading strategies for the forex markets. Trading Tact is where I share my trading methods and insights.

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Want to develop a portfolio of automated trading strategies?

Hey there, Wayne here! I’m on a mission to develop robust algorithmic trading strategies for the forex markets. Trading Tact is where I share my trading methods and insights.

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