StrategyQuant Tutorials

Strategy Creation

Automatic Generation

Ever wondered how you can harness the efficiency of genetic algorithms to automatically generate profitable trading strategies?

I’ll explain how genetic algorithms work, why you should use them, and show you how to setup StrategyQuant’s genetic builder!

AlgoWizard Programming

Are you wondering whether your trading strategy has an edge, but don’t wish to learn coding?

I’ll demonstrate how to use AlgoWizard to program a simple EMA & RSI strategy, and how to export it to MT4 for backtesting.

AlgoWizard Programming #2

Program your trading strategy using this step-by-step guide on AlgoWizard’s FREE visual editor!

Here I program a Bollinger Band breakout strategy for the GBPJPY, backtest it and analyze its results.

No programming knowledge needed!

Robustness Testing

Walk-forward Optimization

Use walk-forward analysis to take your out-of-sample testing to the next level!

I’ll cover the concept and benefits of walk-forward analysis, and demonstrate its application to a trend following strategy.

Walk-forward Matrix

Your test settings can make or break your walk-forward optimization results.

StrategyQuant’s walk-forward matrix can help you select optimal settings.

Monte Carlo Simulations

Want to use Monte Carlo simulations to evaluate your trading strategy’s robustness and estimate worst-case drawdowns?

Here’s what you need to know!

Monte Carlo Out-of-sample Testing

Did you know you can use StrategyQuant’s Monte Carlo simulator to randomize historical prices and strategy parameters, helping you select robust strategies for live trading?

Here’s how!

Optimization Profile

Your strategy’s optimization profile reveals its parameter stability, a key consideration before going live.

Here’s how you can use StrategyQuant to calculate & analyze your optimization profile!

Multiple Timeframe Backtesting

Multiple timeframe backtesting can be a great addition to your robustness testing workflow.

Here I explain its benefits, and how to do it using MT4 and StrategyQuant.

Portfolio Composition

Automatic Composition

As if individual strategy development wasn’t difficult enough, you now need to figure out how to combine those strategies into a portfolio.

Fortunately, using QuantAnalyzer, there is an easy way to do it.

Correlation Studies

Looking to construct a diversified portfolio of trading strategies? Chances are you’ll need a strategy correlation matrix.

Here’s how to get one!

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